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Celebrate Life's Moments in Nature's Jewels


Introducing "Memento", a timeless jewelry collection by Hannah Carnegie. Every piece is crafted to embody the precious memories made on the enchanting Cumberland Island — from wedding vows whispered beneath ancient oaks, to the laughter of birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and unforgettable moments you wish to cherish forever.

Each creation in the "Memento" collection draws its essence from the island's natural wonders. Marvel at pendants with delicate seashells, symbolizing love as vast and enduring as the ocean.


Arrowhead motifs pay homage to the land's rich history and our shared journey through time. And the daring spirit of the deep is captured in the intricacies of shark teeth designs.


With "Memento", every piece serves as a beautiful reminder of life's unique milestones, channeled through the creatures of land and sea that resonate with our deepest emotions.


Choose a gift from Cumberland Island's bounties and let it echo the moments that mean the most. Let your story be told through nature's exquisite artistry unique to you.


Because memories last a lifetime, but a Memento makes them timeless.

Jewelry Designer

A Glimpse into Cumberland Island's Treasures

Dive deep into the heart of Cumberland Island with "Memento", a new collection coming soon! Drawing inspiration from her intimate moments on this serene paradise, each piece in the collection embodies the raw beauty of the island, from the gentle whisper of the sea to the timeless tales of the land.


Every piece tells a story. Delicate seashells reminiscent of sun-kissed shores, ancient arrowheads that echo the tales of yesteryears, and fierce shark teeth that capture the wild spirit of the vast ocean. Each intricate design is a testament to the gifts that Cumberland Island bestows upon its visitors.


With "Memento", you're not just wearing jewelry, you're donning a piece of Cumberland Island's soul, a keepsake that speaks to your inner world. Celebrate the interplay of land and sea, and let the magic of nature adorn you with its most cherished symbols.


Experience the allure of the past, the essence of the present, and a nod to the future.


A treasure trove of memories, waiting to be embraced.

Crafted with Heart and Hand from Cumberland Island to you. 

Hannah Carnegie's Memento Collection stands as a testament to the confluence of nature's splendor and artisan craftsmanship.


Every piece from this collection begins its journey on the ethereal shores of Cumberland Island, where Hannah immerses herself in the island's rich tapestry of life.


With a keen eye and a heart open to inspiration, she handpicks treasures — be it an intricately patterned seashell, a centuries-old arrowhead, or the sharp elegance of a shark's tooth.

But the magic doesn't stop at the island. Bringing these natural wonders back to her studio, Hannah and her team of skilled artisans begin the transformative process.


Each find undergoes meticulous examination, ensuring that its essence is preserved while being integrated into a design that speaks to the soul.


Drawing from traditional techniques and innovative methods, every piece is then handcrafted with precision and care in the USA, ensuring that the wearer receives not just a piece of jewelry, but a tangible memory that celebrates the land's history and beauty.

The result?


A Memento Collection piece that's not just 'made' but 'born' – born from the visions of Cumberland Island and realized through passionate American craftsmanship.


Wear it, and you wear a story, a legacy, and a piece of natural art.

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