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Hannah's Story: From Island Whispers to Jewels that Speak


Draped in the secrets of an island wilderness, Cumberland Island, Hannah embraces a design legacy enriched by the tales of the Carnegie clan.


This hidden barrier island, set like a gem off Georgia's coast, whispered stories of nature's symphonies to a young Hannah.


With her early years cradled by the guiding hands of her mother, jewelry designer Gogo Ferguson, and the ever-inspiring matriarch Grandma Lucy Ferguson, Hannah experienced a duality.


Days filled with the island's raw beauty and nights spent absorbing the world's wonders sculpted her vision.


A vision shaped by the rhythmic designs of fluttering insects, the intricate pathways etched on oak leaves, and the mesmerizing dances of minuscule life forms.


Today, Hannah's creations sing tales of these natural wonders. Each piece, a celebration of Earth's beauty, nudges us closer to nature's embrace.


Through her ethereal jewelry, she doesn't just celebrate nature, but champions its preservation, reminding us of our eternal bond with the wild.


Raised in an Enchanted Wilderness 

In the twilight of 1880, the tale of Cumberland Island began with Hannah's Great, Great, Grandfather, Thomas Carnegie, the younger sibling of the renowned Andrew Carnegie. Together with his wife, the graceful Lucy Coleman Carnegie, they claimed Cumberland Island as their winter haven.


With a heart full of love for this enchanting land, Thomas and Lucy instilled an instinct of preservation in future generations who resisted the allure of developers and, in a selfless act in 1970, the family bestowed much of the island back to the National Park Service. 


As the sands of time drift by, the island retains its throne as the Sea Island's crown jewel and stands resplendent as the most pristine island on America's eastern horizon.


The island narrates tales of three major ecosystems: the tranquil salt marshes, the majestic live oaks draped in whispering Spanish moss, and palmetto guardians lining the dense maritime forests.


Yet, its crowning glory remains its serene beach, stretching a magnificent 18 miles. A walk here means retracing steps once taken by the island's ancient Timucuan Indians and intrepid British and Spanish voyagers.


Amidst this, Hannah, cradled and nurtured by this magical realm, retains the honor and privilege of calling it home.

The Family Legacy

Andrew &  Thomas Carnegie 

In the opulent tapestry of history, the Carnegie legacy is a tale of unparalleled ambition.


Born in 1835 to humble beginnings in the historic town of Dunfermline, Scotland, Andrew and Thomas Carnegie epitomized the essence of transformation.


By 1848, propelled by hope and aspiration, their family ventured to the New World, leaving behind all they owned for a vision of a grander life in the USA.


Within a mere span of twenty-five years, the Carnegie brothers didn't just join the elite echelons of American industry; they redefined it.


They orchestrated the rise of the Carnegie Steel Corporation, transforming it into the world's preeminent steel manufacturing beacon and pioneering the monumental expansion of the American railroad.


As opulent as his accomplishments were, Andrew's magnanimity was unparalleled. In the twilight of his life, he bestowed nearly 90 per cent of his vast fortune to charitable endeavors, academic institutions, and foundations.


His famed 1889 treatise, “The Gospel of Wealth”, didn't merely espouse ideals; it ignited a renaissance of philanthropy, urging the affluent to abandon inherited wealth principles and distribute their riches back to society.


Today, Hannah and her distinguished lineage find solace in their illustrious heritage. Whether it's the serene shores of Cumberland or the picturesque landscapes of Maine, they gather, evoking the grandeur of bygone eras, regaling tales of six generations past over roasted oysters and firelight.


In homage to this rich legacy and in celebration of their shared conservation triumphs, Hannah embraced the Carnegie name for her first business. 


Education & Philanthropy

For Hannah, the preservation of nature isn't merely a passion—it's a legacy. A staunch advocate for the environment, she has devoted many years to championing the causes supported by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


This esteemed organization has long been at the forefront of safeguarding the East Coast's delicate ecosystems, tirelessly working to heighten awareness and drum up support for both the fragile habitats and the rare, endangered species that call them home.


Hannah's commitment goes beyond mere advocacy. Embracing her family's storied tradition of philanthropy, she has woven a sense of purpose into the fabric of her business.


A dedicated portion of the proceeds from each of her collections is earmarked for benevolent endeavors. Specifically, she contributes to foundations and initiatives that resonate with her deep-seated values, with a keen focus on nature conservation and environmental education. 


Through her efforts, Hannah aspires not only to create exquisite pieces that captivate the beholder but also to craft a lasting legacy—a world where the splendors of nature are cherished and preserved for generations to come.

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