Pre-release Lookbook

The Architecture Of Insects proposes we shift our constantly skyward gaze downwards, down to the hidden worlds beneath our feet. Not just to these small, vastly diverse, and bewitching creatures - often overlooked and unseen underfoot - but also to the imperceptible and miraculous within.



Hannah's first and much-anticipated limited edition collection celebrates the remarkable diversity present in the order of Coleoptera (commonly known as beetles), which contains more species than any other order in the entire animal kingdom. It channels the vast array of their exquisite, intricate designs, and symbology. Each piece is entirely made by hand, using ethically sourced diamonds, precious stones, 18k gold, sterling silver, and natural enamels. 

Shield Bug Ring

Hemiptera (Pentatomidae)

White, champagne, cognac and blue pavé diamonds with fire opals 18k gold and black enamel 

Channeling nature's design

18K Gold 

X Diamonds 

X Diamonds 

X Diamonds


The Power Of Nature's Geometric Forms

Ancient Egyptian and Latin cultures placed great symbolic significance on these creatures, they wore them to evoke their earth-dwelling, grounding spirits. In this respect, the beetle is renowned for carrying messages that bring our attention to renewal, maturity, and the subliminal influences of the invisible side of life.

Shield Bug Earrings

Hemiptera (Pentatomidae)

White, blue and champagne pavé diamonds with fire opals, black enamel and 18k gold

Leaf Beetle Earrings


White pavé diamonds, faceted amethyst and 18k Gold

Weevil & Jewel

Scarab Earrings


Jewel Scarab Beetle:

Pavé diamond and 18k gold


White and black pavé diamonds, turquoise enamel and 18k gold

Shield Bug Earrings

Hemiptera (Pentatomidae)

White pavé diamonds, pink pavé sapphires, 18k gold and translucent green enamel

Red-banded Leafhopper


Graphocephala Coccinea 

Blue and white champagne pavé diamonds, 18k gold and red coral enamel

Leaf Beetle Earrings


Blue and white diamonds, blue Topaz, fire opals, blue sapphires and 18k gold

Leaf Beetle Earrings

Graphocephala Coccinea 

Blue, white, champagne pavé diamonds 18k gold and orange enamel



Styling & Customization

Just like the diversity of this species, each piece can be collected individually and worn as matched or individual pairs. Each piece is also interchangeable (using a bespoke clip system) between the sterling silver bracelet and ring. 

The Bracelet

Interchangable & Customizable

Sterling silver (matte) hollow bracelet. 

Interchangable & Customizable

Sterling silver (matte) ring. 

The Ring

The Complete


Celebrating diversity

The Architecture Of Insects #1 is also available as a complete collection. This includes all the earrings, the shield bug ring, silver ring and the silver bracelet. 


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